Building With Concrete


Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated concrete forms screen saver with commerical and residential buildings. Images of ICF construction projects for contractors and architects to view concrete homes and icf buildings. Gallery pictures include multiunit dwellings, single family

Concrete DJ  v.

DJ'ing with Concrete DJ is as easy, or as advanced, as you need it to be. Concrete DJ makes it easier for the enthusiast to enjoy his or her music collection to the fullest. Use Concrete DJ to enjoy great sounding music at home with no effort.


Point To Pictures  v.6.0.14

Point To Pictures (PTP) is one of the only programs we know of that truly addresses the very early functioning learner with 'concrete' needs. Consider it an Augmentative Communication (AAC) training program!

Ceiling Bounce Model  v.1.0

Study gravitational acceleration using this simulation. Ceiling Bounce Model shows a ball launched by a spring-gun in a building with a very high ceiling and a graph of the ball's position or velocity as a function of time.

4W WebMerge  v.2 6

Works with output from nearly any database or spreadsheet, including Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro, and Excel. Use your favorite HTML editor to design custom templates for your index and details pages.

AnetTest  v.1.0

Key features: 1. Generating any packets on channel level for Ethernet networks. 2. Work with TCP sessions. Sending and receiving concrete data over TCP connection. Imitating client or server. 3. The ability of sending some data alternating with

EnergyPlus  v.6.0

EnergyPlus is a whole building energy simulation program that engineers, architects, and researchers use to model energy and water use in buildings.

Edit Prep  v.1.0.0001

Edit Prep helps teachers easily create worksheets for reading and writing skill building.

Active Query Builder Java Edition

Active Query builder is a Java component to create SQL queries easily. It's visual interface is similar to MS Access so it is already familiar to most database users. Active Query Builder is a true two-way SQL query builder that allows to combine visual

The Spirit Engine  v.2.5.111

Features: - An extensive plot spanning nine distinct chapters. History is unraveling in the once peaceful state of Lereftain.

Easy Website Pro 4  v.1.0.3734

Easy Website Pro is a program that will allow you to build sites quickly.

Aurelon PhotoPro LensTools  v.2.0

The Aurelon PhotoPro LensTools plug-in is designed for correction of image distortions that appear when images are captured under specific conditions that a camera lens can't handle correctly.

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